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How many people go to Vanuatu for Schoolies Week?

Hundreds, and growing. New bookings are made daily.

Is Alcohol allowed at Schoolies in Vanuatu?

Yes alcohol is allowed. Alcohol is *not* banned as it is in other locations, however responsible use is the key.

Is Alcohol allowed at the Schoolies Resort?

Yes. This is the Main Schoolies Event in Vanuatu – Sure Thing Schoolies Vanuatu at Aquana Beach Resort which is waterfront in the centre of the action in Vanuatu’s capital.

Is Schoolies in Vanuatu safe?

Your level of safety is determined by your behaviour, however several measures have been put in place to make it as safe as possible for you. The Sure Thing Schoolies event has a 100% Safety record in all 8 years that it has been running. As a nation, Vanuatu is one of the safest places in the world, with a superior safety rating to Australia. Crime, drugs or theft are not part of the culture on this friendly island – this is one of the many reasons that Vanuatu has been awarded the title “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Unlike other destinations, in Vanuatu safety is simply not a concern.

Are we still allowed to go if we are not 18?

Schoolies from the age of 16 can attend

We have been advised to only book at an Official Schoolies Resort. Is this right?

Absolutely. This is a must to ensure you that have no problems at check-in. It will also ensure you are at a “Verified” schoolies hotel – these hotels must meet guidelines of safety, prime location, resort facilities, schoolies-friendly staff, and it also ensures that you don’t miss out on the genuine schoolies experience.The official Schoolies Resort is Aquana Beach Resort Vanuatu – You must be booked through Sure Thing Schoolies to be part of this Awesome Exclusive Schoolies event.

What should I look out for with a schoolies hotel?

In Vanuatu, location is very important, so ensure you are at the official schoolies resort – avoid being hidden away from all the action. It is also a huge benefit to be amongst other schoolies – the last thing you want is to be at a hotel with young kids taking up the pool, and elderly people asking you to keep the noise down after 8pm. Schoolies hotels are especially set up without the usual noise restrictions as it is quite normal for schoolies to be up late… you’re here celebrating schoolies after all!

What’s the best hotel to stay at during schoolies week?

In Vanuatu, the ideal hotel for schoolies has always been the one where the Sure Thing Schoolies event is being held. This has been the Biggest and the Best event in Vanuatu for 8 years in a row – and has been verified and confirmed by hundreds and hundreds of schoolies who have been there and done it. All schoolies will need to be booked and registered through Sure Thing Schoolies Travel to receive the schoolies party/event wristband as well as all the other schoolies benefits.

Is there a Schoolies Curfew?

No, there is no schoolies Curfew. Sure Thing Schoolies runs safe and professional schoolies events and NEVER enforces a curfew or lock-out, and NEVER leashes you to the hotel grounds.

Are things expensive in Vanuatu? Like Food and Drinks?

Prices are generally lower than they are in Australia. You can’t transport food from one country to another, however make sure you enjoy the fantastic food available on the island of Vanuatu! The resort and its restaurant has won awards for being one of the best. As for Drinks – the Sure Thing Schoolies wristband gets you some awesome discounts – always a great surprise on arrival!

Do you need to Tip people in Vanuatu?

In some cultures, tipping and bargaining are common. This is Not the case in Vanuatu. If you see something for sale at a certain price, do not try to bargain as it is against their custom. At the same time, tipping isn’t part of their custom either. So if you’re happy with someone’s service, just smile and say “Tankyu Tumas” (Thanks a lot) rather than giving a tip. They feel bad accepting any tips, and will refuse.

Are there Schoolies Parties and Events?

Your booking will come with your official “Sure Thing Schoolies” Wristband. Vanuatu is set up to accommodate schoolies parties and events during schoolies week. This is probably the most exciting part of the experience for most people 🙂

How soon should we book?

Just like the hottest concert tickets… The schoolies hotel rooms get snapped up nice and early, the earlier you book, the better it is for you. To get things rolling, contact and let them know how many people are in your group. From there, they will send you an itinerary of the best available rooms and will give you details on how you can make them yours!

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