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vanuatu schooliesVanuatu is a fascinating destination with a rich culture and plenty of activities on offer, such as snorkelling, diving, paragliding, abseiling, kayaking and exploring the beautiful waterfalls. It has been recently labelled as “The Happiest Place on Earth”, which is hardly surprising when you consider it has beautiful tropical islands, sensational beaches, great food, warm weather and extremely friendly locals all in one place!

Vanuatu is a place where you can either relax and soak up the sun or enjoy the activities and adventures during the day, and take part in the Awesome Schoolies atmosphere every night. Vanuatu is considered to be a safe destination for Schoolies week, while still containing all the elements that make Schoolies such a memorable celebration. And not only is Vanuatu one of the safest Schoolies destinations, it’s also the most fun, currently rating as the Number 1 Schoolies destination* based on feedback from those who have been there and done it all.

Sure Thing Schoolies gives you the widest range of options when it comes to spending Schoolies Week in Vanuatu, and you’re guaranteed to have the most epic and memorable week of celebrating, but you really need to get on with making your Schoolies plans now—before you miss out!

Sure Thing Schoolies Travel can take care of all your Schoolies needs at the best prices, and staying at the Official Schoolies Accommodation in Vanuatu guarantees a hassle-free week of fun.

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Schoolies Week 2024 and 2025 Vanuatu: Details and Packages are now available

All employees at Sure Thing Schoolies are fully Accredited and Qualified.
* Voted by those attending the Sure Thing Travel Schoolies event

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